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How Can You Get Rid of Acne Without Buying Cleansers Or Other Products?

Having had acne for many years, I eventually learnt how to get rid of acne without buying lots of products. In fact I found all the acne products out there didn't work anyway...

In this article I'll tell a little about what I did to clear up my skin.

It all started when I learnt the root cause of acne. From that moment on, I started to wake up from my acne nightmare.

The root cause of acne is simple: hormonal imbalance.

Balance your hormones, clear up your skin. A simple equation and plan of action.

The trick is to find out what causes hormonal imbalance. I'll tell you one of several things that cause the worst imbalance and worst of your acne - cysts and stubborn acne.

Certain foods cause hormonal imbalance. One food is vegetable oils like sunflower oil. Once you stop eating these simple to avoid vegetable oils you'll see a dramatic difference in your skin, just like I did.

So this mean avoiding using cooking oils like sunflower oil, which is a vegetable oil. It also means checking the ingredients label on pre-made foods that might have vegetables oil in it, such as sauces and junk food. Not all pre-made foods has these oils in it so just pick the ones that don't.

By making this one simple change to what you eat, you can totally clear up your skin, because you'll be addressing one of the main hormonal imbalancing causes. I highly recommend using this approach to clearing acn as I know it's the only practical and effective way to do it.

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Food to Avoid For Significantly Clearer Skin

Having had acne for many years, and tried various and numerous treatments, I found out that food was something that plays a big role in acne. In this article I want to tell you what I found out, and how I use food to keep my skin crystal clear from acne.

First of all it's important to understand the root cause of acne. While dermatologists treat the later development of acne with antibiotics and accutane, they fail to treat the root cause - hormonal imbalance.

When your hormones are imbalance, you break out in acne. The good news is that hormonal imbalance is something you can address effectively and so clear up your acne, no matter how bad it is. And this is where food comes into the equation. Certain foods cause massive hormonal imbalance. And you guessed it, when you avoid those foods, your skin clears up. Let's talk about one of those foods in particular.

Vegetable oils are one of the worst foods for causing acne, as they produced massive hormonal imbalance, often within a few short hours or sooner or consuming them. And the bad news is that vegetable oils can cause acne breakouts for days or even weeks after consuming them.

Vegetable oils are most commonly consumed as cooking oils like sunflower oil. Do not use these to cook with. Vegetable oils are also often found in some pre-made foods like pasta sauces and junk food. So check the ingredients labels on these foods before buying and eating them.

Making this one simple change to your diet can massively clear up your skin and you'll find that those nasty cysts will be a thing of the past once you avoid vegetable oils. This is what happened for me, and then it was just a matter of making some other changes in my life to fully balance my hormones to the point where I no longer got acne anymore. Success.

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How to Prevent Acne

The old saying prevention is better than cure is something I'm sure we would all agree with. Learning how to prevent acne can therefore save us time and money when trying to find a cure. Events like puberty and a genetic predisposition to the condition can't be changed but there are certain actions you can take to help stop acne. Here we will take a look at some of the contributing factors to acne and how to prevent acne occurring.

A good personal hygiene routine can have a beneficial effect on any acne condition. When washing try using products that contain benzoyl peroxide or use one of the many medicated soaps that are available. Try to avoid using soap in bar form as the pores can become blocked with some of the ingredients used. Warm water is regarded as being very good for cleaning the skins pores, try putting your face into a sink full of warm water for a few seconds.

Try and keep your bed sheets and pillows clean, washing bed clothes regularly can help reduce the transfer of natural body oils. Try and wash your face as soon as you can if you become sweaty, dried sweat can contribute to an outbreak of acne. When you use the telephone try not to let it touch your face and if you wear glasses make sure you clean them regularly, they can accumulate oil which can then be transferred to your face.

Be careful what you expose you skin to, if you touch your face a lot try to break the habit. When you do this you can contribute to an acne outbreak by transferring oils and other irritants to your face. The oil in hair and hair products can clog the skins pores, so try to keep hair of the face, particularly the forehead area. When choosing cosmetics or moisturizers go for ones that are water based and hypo allergenic and always thoroughly remove all make up before you go to bed.

A good diet can be a major factor in preventing acne. Studies have shown a link between milk and acne, instead of regular milk try drinking soy milk instead. Fruit is an excellent substitute if you like eating sweet sugary foods. Eating whole wheat bread rather than white bread is a good idea. At the same time try to keep you body hydrated, avoid alcohol and soft drinks and drink plenty of water.

Some of these ideas may seem basic and a bit obvious, but that has to be seen as a good thing. By just making a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle and habits you can take great steps toward controlling acne and avoiding any future outbreaks.

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How to Remove Acne Scars

Getting rid of acne scars

Acne scars can destroy the looks of anyone. People can have their own ways of getting these scars cured. Some may opt for natural healing and refuse to visit a dermatologist. Such healing can happen in the mild cases of acne. But it can also take a time of 12 months. However, one cant take the risk of such scars when a wedding is to be held in the family. Even presence of such scars can ruin chances of succeeding in a job interview. On the other hand, some people may go to a skin doctor as soon as they see the first acne skin rashes on the skin. Apart from these two strategies, natural healing can also cure acne scars. Such methods include use of aloe vera. It also provides nourishment to the skin apart from removing such scars. Even substances like papaya, turmeric and sandalwood powder can cure this skin ailment. Such substances can be amalgamated with rose water, and easily applied. Please don't apply milk in making pastes for curing these scars as it can only aggravate oiling leading to higher scars.

The choice of cure for this ailment is also dependent on the intensity of these scars. Scars, which are quite severe, require interference by doctors. A licensed dermatologist can ensure that treatments like micro-dermabrasion can be administered to the skin. This treatment is also given the name of chemical peeling. Its quite expensive. Even laser can be used on the skin to remove such scars. Although laser is quite useful, there's no guarantee that the scars wont return again. Using injections for removing such acne scars is quite painful for the skin. Most creams only clean the outer skin layers, but they cant control the future breakouts of this disease. An herbal method is also useful as it can strengthen the immunity of the body against the acne. Make sure that you use any home based acne clearance method frequently, because without such treatment acne cant be restored.

The best way is to ensure that you get such scars at all. Try to make your skin stay free from oils as much as possible. For this, wash it daily with an effective cleanser that does not include alcohol as it can only make the skin dry. Frequent washing of the face can also reduce clogged skin pores that have led to acne pimples. Even grime, which has caused such clogging, is alleviated with such washing. Also, consume lots of water per day to prevent the appearance of acne scars. Don't even squeeze your acne pimples, so that they don't blowout to other body parts.

Its better to take help from a skin doctor if your acne consists of nodules and cysts. If acne has been caused due to a hormonal imbalance, then going to a skin doctor is beneficial as he can cure the poor hormonal levels. Acne is caused because of puberty and menopause. Even rapid weight increase and decrease disturbs hormonal levels and can cause acne.

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How to Cure Pimples by Following a Natural Diet?

Pimples are the common problems seen in children, adults and as well as teenagers. Here in this article you will know the how to cure pimples by taking good diet and avoiding artificial products.

It is highly irritating to go out with pimples, especially with your life partner. Apart from ugly look, pimples also sometime cause pain. Using chemically prepared creams and ointments will aggravate your problem. First, we must understand the reason for these pimples and then select the ways to get rid of it. Pimples are mostly caused due to the accumulation of sebum oil, excess heat and hormonal changes. All these problems can be rectified through a proper diet. 90% of the children who are in the stage of puberty will have pimples on their face. So, in this article you will learn about the diets that help in curing pimples.

* The right food for curing pimples

The first thing we advice you is to take plenty of fruits. Raw fruits that are free from artificial sugar are more effective. If you want to take the fruits in the form of juice, then do not add sugar, instead add natural honey. Honey purifies the blood cells. Honey is also a good antioxidant.

Take raw vegetables like cucumber, tomato, carrot, radish etc. All these vegetables give growth to fresh energetic cells. Add one green in your daily diet. Greens and fibre foods are prescribed to keep the body energetic, free from viral infections etc. Avoid oily, spicy and junk foods to get relief from the pimples quickly.

Drink more water to remove the toxins stored in the body. Drink healthy liquids such as tender coconut water to keep the bowl movement simple.

* Few ancestral methods to cure pimple

a) Ice bag massage given every night will reduce the swelling.
b) Boil basil leaves in a cup of water and filter it. This solution if applied regularly on the pimples will allow the pimples to vanish in few weeks.
c) Use soaps that contain neem, turmeric and other antifungal agents. Or use odorless soaps that are free from chemicals.
d) Keep the face oil free and avoid using artificial makeup kits when you are in the exercise of wiping away your pimples.

So, when you follow these instructions for two weeks, not only you will get a clean face, but also a healthy life. Yes, the above diets will completely remove the toxins from the body giving way for fresh cells.

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How to Stop Acne - 4 Effective Tips

How to stop acne naturally, without taking pills that contains chemicals.

Acne is a skin infection that is caused due to various reasons such as hormone imbalance, deficiencies etc. In this article you will learn the 4 effective tips through which you can stop acne without taking artificial medicines.

1] First, you need to keep your body healthy to fight with acne. Especially, the bowl movement and digestive system of your body should be perfect. Yes, even constipation can cause acne in the body. Constipation affects the regular bowl movement and accumulates the toxins inside. These toxins disturb the function of every part/organ of the body. So, in order to remove the wastages from the body, we advise you to drink more water. Liquids and fibre rich foods will completely washout the toxins from the body. Take sprouted foods and whole grains for keeping the bowl movement smoothly.

2] Avoid red meat and processed sugar. These two ingredients can aggravate your acne. You can take more honey in the place of sugar. Add honey for the fresh fruit juices, instead of regular sugar. Honey purifies the blood naturally. It removes the bacterial infections from the blood and soothes your skin.

3] Keep your internal organs such as kidney and liver in good condition. Green vegetables and leafy vegetables help to maintain the internal organs in smooth condition. Vegetables that contain roughages will remove the toxins from the body. Raw vegetables are more effective than the cooked one. Vegetable salads are the better choice. Some fruits like apple, pear and green apple should be taken without peeling the skin. Especially, apples and pomegranates have great role in reducing acne.

4] A stress free body can stop acne quickly. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercise is recommended to keep your body and soul free from stress. These exercises should be done in the morning for better results. Go for early morning walk to inhale fresh oxygen. Morning walk removes the toxins in the form of sweat from the body. Expose your body to morning sunlight to gain natural vitamin D that can fight with acne.

By following the above 4 routines regularly, you can get rid of acne easily. Other than this, you should always keep your hands and body clean. If the acne is in the face, wash your face with cold water frequently. Cold water wash is given to remove the oils stored in the pores. Avoid artificial creams and lotions if you are highly infected by acne.

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