Saturday, July 10, 2010

Food to Avoid For Significantly Clearer Skin

Having had acne for many years, and tried various and numerous treatments, I found out that food was something that plays a big role in acne. In this article I want to tell you what I found out, and how I use food to keep my skin crystal clear from acne.

First of all it's important to understand the root cause of acne. While dermatologists treat the later development of acne with antibiotics and accutane, they fail to treat the root cause - hormonal imbalance.

When your hormones are imbalance, you break out in acne. The good news is that hormonal imbalance is something you can address effectively and so clear up your acne, no matter how bad it is. And this is where food comes into the equation. Certain foods cause massive hormonal imbalance. And you guessed it, when you avoid those foods, your skin clears up. Let's talk about one of those foods in particular.

Vegetable oils are one of the worst foods for causing acne, as they produced massive hormonal imbalance, often within a few short hours or sooner or consuming them. And the bad news is that vegetable oils can cause acne breakouts for days or even weeks after consuming them.

Vegetable oils are most commonly consumed as cooking oils like sunflower oil. Do not use these to cook with. Vegetable oils are also often found in some pre-made foods like pasta sauces and junk food. So check the ingredients labels on these foods before buying and eating them.

Making this one simple change to your diet can massively clear up your skin and you'll find that those nasty cysts will be a thing of the past once you avoid vegetable oils. This is what happened for me, and then it was just a matter of making some other changes in my life to fully balance my hormones to the point where I no longer got acne anymore. Success.

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