Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Can You Get Rid of Acne Without Buying Cleansers Or Other Products?

Having had acne for many years, I eventually learnt how to get rid of acne without buying lots of products. In fact I found all the acne products out there didn't work anyway...

In this article I'll tell a little about what I did to clear up my skin.

It all started when I learnt the root cause of acne. From that moment on, I started to wake up from my acne nightmare.

The root cause of acne is simple: hormonal imbalance.

Balance your hormones, clear up your skin. A simple equation and plan of action.

The trick is to find out what causes hormonal imbalance. I'll tell you one of several things that cause the worst imbalance and worst of your acne - cysts and stubborn acne.

Certain foods cause hormonal imbalance. One food is vegetable oils like sunflower oil. Once you stop eating these simple to avoid vegetable oils you'll see a dramatic difference in your skin, just like I did.

So this mean avoiding using cooking oils like sunflower oil, which is a vegetable oil. It also means checking the ingredients label on pre-made foods that might have vegetables oil in it, such as sauces and junk food. Not all pre-made foods has these oils in it so just pick the ones that don't.

By making this one simple change to what you eat, you can totally clear up your skin, because you'll be addressing one of the main hormonal imbalancing causes. I highly recommend using this approach to clearing acn as I know it's the only practical and effective way to do it.

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