Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Prevent Acne

The old saying prevention is better than cure is something I'm sure we would all agree with. Learning how to prevent acne can therefore save us time and money when trying to find a cure. Events like puberty and a genetic predisposition to the condition can't be changed but there are certain actions you can take to help stop acne. Here we will take a look at some of the contributing factors to acne and how to prevent acne occurring.

A good personal hygiene routine can have a beneficial effect on any acne condition. When washing try using products that contain benzoyl peroxide or use one of the many medicated soaps that are available. Try to avoid using soap in bar form as the pores can become blocked with some of the ingredients used. Warm water is regarded as being very good for cleaning the skins pores, try putting your face into a sink full of warm water for a few seconds.

Try and keep your bed sheets and pillows clean, washing bed clothes regularly can help reduce the transfer of natural body oils. Try and wash your face as soon as you can if you become sweaty, dried sweat can contribute to an outbreak of acne. When you use the telephone try not to let it touch your face and if you wear glasses make sure you clean them regularly, they can accumulate oil which can then be transferred to your face.

Be careful what you expose you skin to, if you touch your face a lot try to break the habit. When you do this you can contribute to an acne outbreak by transferring oils and other irritants to your face. The oil in hair and hair products can clog the skins pores, so try to keep hair of the face, particularly the forehead area. When choosing cosmetics or moisturizers go for ones that are water based and hypo allergenic and always thoroughly remove all make up before you go to bed.

A good diet can be a major factor in preventing acne. Studies have shown a link between milk and acne, instead of regular milk try drinking soy milk instead. Fruit is an excellent substitute if you like eating sweet sugary foods. Eating whole wheat bread rather than white bread is a good idea. At the same time try to keep you body hydrated, avoid alcohol and soft drinks and drink plenty of water.

Some of these ideas may seem basic and a bit obvious, but that has to be seen as a good thing. By just making a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle and habits you can take great steps toward controlling acne and avoiding any future outbreaks.

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