Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Stop Acne - 4 Effective Tips

How to stop acne naturally, without taking pills that contains chemicals.

Acne is a skin infection that is caused due to various reasons such as hormone imbalance, deficiencies etc. In this article you will learn the 4 effective tips through which you can stop acne without taking artificial medicines.

1] First, you need to keep your body healthy to fight with acne. Especially, the bowl movement and digestive system of your body should be perfect. Yes, even constipation can cause acne in the body. Constipation affects the regular bowl movement and accumulates the toxins inside. These toxins disturb the function of every part/organ of the body. So, in order to remove the wastages from the body, we advise you to drink more water. Liquids and fibre rich foods will completely washout the toxins from the body. Take sprouted foods and whole grains for keeping the bowl movement smoothly.

2] Avoid red meat and processed sugar. These two ingredients can aggravate your acne. You can take more honey in the place of sugar. Add honey for the fresh fruit juices, instead of regular sugar. Honey purifies the blood naturally. It removes the bacterial infections from the blood and soothes your skin.

3] Keep your internal organs such as kidney and liver in good condition. Green vegetables and leafy vegetables help to maintain the internal organs in smooth condition. Vegetables that contain roughages will remove the toxins from the body. Raw vegetables are more effective than the cooked one. Vegetable salads are the better choice. Some fruits like apple, pear and green apple should be taken without peeling the skin. Especially, apples and pomegranates have great role in reducing acne.

4] A stress free body can stop acne quickly. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercise is recommended to keep your body and soul free from stress. These exercises should be done in the morning for better results. Go for early morning walk to inhale fresh oxygen. Morning walk removes the toxins in the form of sweat from the body. Expose your body to morning sunlight to gain natural vitamin D that can fight with acne.

By following the above 4 routines regularly, you can get rid of acne easily. Other than this, you should always keep your hands and body clean. If the acne is in the face, wash your face with cold water frequently. Cold water wash is given to remove the oils stored in the pores. Avoid artificial creams and lotions if you are highly infected by acne.

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